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  2. Been spinning all day. Switched from USD to EUR and hit 190x on my first bonus. That was TOUGH! I have baked my dalgona cookie for the next round
  3. AdamD55 lucky colour is ORANGE
  4. Thanks @semrayc i was 2nd place @Nenad
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  6. You honestly have no clue. Like I said previously, RTP is theoretical, and based on all players playing the game on all casinos. It doesn’t matter about the giga jar position. If you don’t like the game, or provider, play something else and stop whining
  7. This is the key point for every slot. The theoretical RTP for a slot is based on every player on every casino (not individual RTP), so even if you did spin 1 million times, you’re never going to get the exact RTP promised. Sometimes you’ll get more, sometimes less.
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