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  1. metronomical Razzmatazz (why is this a color)
  2. Changing the seed doesn't do anything, if you think it does, you are just someone who has fallen for gamblers fallacy. The next results don't depend on the previous results, so changing seeds doesn't do anything.
  3. There is no such thing as a "dice strategy" it's just another way to lose money.
  4. Depends on the currency, check coinbase and make sure you deposited to the correct address. If you did, you just have to wait. But, if you deposited to the wrong address, Stake can't do anything.
  5. I wagered 1k ish without vip and received two dollars per day for a week as my monthly bonus. I don't know if this is normal...
  6. I can't because I don't have 10 posts 😂
  7. So it is pretty predictable and favorites usually win?
  8. Both slots have been ripping me recently, so I don't have a preference.
  9. For me, NHL is the most predictable and upsets aren't as common as other sports.
  10. Stake already has different coin options if you want fast and cheap transactions.
  11. I definitely think I should use the vault more, sometimes I get tunnel vision and just gamble away all my winnings.
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