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  1. I see the Inter team as good for today, good luck
  2. I like the 2 better, I feel more comfortable
  3. It depends on the multiplier, the more you bet the greater the loss can be, but if you bet little with a good multiplier you will surely have a good profit
  4. Yes, it is a great option and a great help, thank you for your publication, we hope that the new participants will read it and find out
  5. I really like the sweet bonanza and crazytime, the best I really like the sweet bonanza and crazytime, the best
  6. Yes, I really like coffee and I like it light and sweet, that's how I drink it every morning
  7. You are not the only one, surely there are many, the idea is of small bets to reach a big one with a good multiplier
  8. Xamara

    Plinko 1000x

    hit it many times until you get the x1000, it has never happened to me but I do not lose hope
  9. There are things that we have to be very clear when entering the casino, one of them that there are two options or you win or lose, luck is not forever if you had a good streak, the ideal would be to withdraw at once and if you did badly, the ideal would also be to place a loss limit and withdraw when you see that you have already reached that point. Not everyone has the strength to overcome a loss that easily.But people who do their part, these tips are helpful
  10. I think it is a matter of taste and regarding your needs, there are people who like the bass better to go almost certainly with the bass since with two successes you win, there are people who prefer to risk more to obtain more profits, that would be with the high level.
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