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  3. Hello stksh, Since you are a new user I advise you to move this post to the appeal section of the support tab on the forum and not here. I will address your problem in the appeal section and help you to try to solve your problem and I will explain some basic rules of the chat to you. Best regards.🍀
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  5. 05/05/2021 Joke trivia #15 1. Skanderr123: @FilipN How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles 2. Marceline: @FilipN Two fish in a tank. One says: “How do you drive this thing?” 3. myrskz: @FilipN My teacher asked my Jamaican friend to use 'dandelion' in a sentence.. "da cheetah is faster dandelion" 4. mysterian: @FilipN Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?” 5. GamblinGawd99: @FilipN Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they are gonna pay for it.. You have my word 6. JVLIVS: @FilipN my exwife lose here legs from a busaccident.. and i
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  7. Hello people, I consider myself highly motivated for sports. I use to play water polo professionally until the end of high school. After that, I started lifting weights in the gym and had a lot of fun doing so. After all that I went to the faculty of sports and physical education and try all sports and graduated with a master's degree. In the meantime I got four degrees as a lifeguard. One for the pool, one for rafting, one for open waters(lakes, ponds and rivers) and one for the sea. Hope you all are exercising and enjoying it. Stay healthy and fit. 🍻
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  9. Dear Mainxbeer, Currently we do not have any information regarding this subject. Please try to use google to find the solution for your problem. Best regards. 🍀
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  11. Islander Absolutely loved this game when i was a kid. Contra. I have spend countles hours trying to complete it. 🍻
  12. FilipN


    Hello syana77, Stake does not have an official exchange service. Please google some options that fit your needs. Thank you for understanding. Best regards. 🍀
  13. If life was a video game I would like Brabus B63S 700. Since this is real life my Fiat Punto 1.2 is the bomb. 🤣
  14. Winter is cool but summer is the bomb.
  15. I have more photos but I'm too lazy to post them. 😁
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