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  1. leave list of text books you need here. Title, author ,edition. i'll do my best to find them.
  2. why is anyone complaining about free money...grow the fuck up and make your own money
  3. is there a reason we cant delete posts we have made? no flag/report button for scam posts and i cant even send PM's,even to moderators....why...
  4. dont gamble,dont look for "easy money" , The best option is education..put that 50$ computer to use and learn how to code, since you have nothing but time, there are loads of free courses online that will teach you step by step ,quickly and easily.. once proficient finding paying work is simple. its not unrealistic to learn a coding language or 2 in a matter of a couple weeks if you have the time.loads of huge coding online communities to join as you learn that will help guide you through it also, lots of local groups in every city/state/country that have meetups, conventions, workshops(all u
  5. Of course. Its impossible we are alone in the universe. Are there any close enough to visit us? Probably not given how short of a time humans have been here(5million years is a blink of an eye compared to age of universe and amount of time life could have potentially evolved). Its statistically more likely any life close enough to us to be feasible to travel has existed and gone extinct long before humans ever evolved, or simply just havnt evolved themselves yet. have they been here? highly doubt it in the time since humans first evolved, possibly before. If we ever are visited im confident i
  6. create crazy challenges for my own amusement and give away 10-20% in prizes. 50% changed to multiple cryptos as investments and hold. Rest id YOLO it on slots and sports betting for fun.
  7. 1. EuroCanuck 2. Sports Chat is always open when i'm on stake. Off and on randomly for the majority of 16hours a day. 3. My understanding of the moderators job criteria would consist of advising the chatters of the rules when the situation calls for it, monitoring the chat diligently, ensure the people participating in the chat are following the rules, remove infringing posts, apply disciplinary measures for rule breakers, and either answer basic questions chatters have about stake or refer them to support, which ever the policy is. 4. I really enjoy being part of the stake com
  8. Im was bored i actually talked to my wife...after that 2min torment was over i decided to update the bios and all the drivers on my main PC,hit PC and mining rigs with some compressed air to clean out all the dust and dog hair.. been pushing it off for weeks..Then planned all my tennis bets for the day. Now just finished to chop fruit and cook something for my wife's lunch as she needs to go back to the office again HAHA sucker...now for the remaining hour i'll probably browse reddit and catch up with my dog on what's been going on in her life lately........................ UPDATE:so apparentl
  9. i play them a lot also...never seen one
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