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  1. should have made us pick all 10 before lol.
  2. 5200$ ,giga feature on jammin jars 2
  3. that would be quite stupid of me... when i read the rules/instructions you wrote it implies to me anyway that you wanted us to make our 10 picks first...thanks for the info
  4. ...is this english? I understand the rules written to mean, choose all 10 now, once you have chosen your 10 , THEN write your stake/nfl user names here in the forum............. 3. From here, you will need to pick a team that you think will win each week. The catch? You can only pick each team once! 4. Once joined & picked, post your Stake.com username and your NFL.com username here on this topic!
  5. regarding the NFL survivor challenge , are we supposed to choose all 10 now before the start of the season or do them one at the time each week for the 10 weeks?
  6. i still cant login on the beta, i put username/passowrd, do the captcha, it says use the google/facebook autherization, and then when i click the Google button the popup just flashes quickly and disappears ...iv turned off popup blocker, adblocker...tried 3 different browsers, all same result
  7. i cant even login... allowed popups..waited like someone else suggested, nothing..
  8. NFL.com: Gerry's picks Stake : EuroCanuck
  9. Your asking the wrong question, Eddie is not just a person, He is the spirit and soul of stake. Eddie lives inside of each of us stakers , He is everything, everywhere. That little voice in your head that says : "just a few more spins" and "Iv got a good feeling about the Orioles and diamondbacks tonight" i should put a large bet on them., ...thats Eddie.
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