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  1. im using vault for safety.. coz if onlyin balance i cant stop to bet untill it busted..better to keep in vqult for safety...
  2. the best for me i xrp its instant in many wallets to widraw and deposit...
  3. being a moderator is very hard position...you need to work hard for it...so uf you want to be a moderator keep up a goid work...
  4. i vote yes if the kys of stake is mandatory...before i register here in stake my upline says need to kyc so if u are verified if u play in many challenge the prizes is double..
  5. first i get monthly this month cos i finish level up in bronze...i dont know how much i receive just wait for the monthly bonthly...hopefully i reach silver next month..
  6. paying slots for me is scarab spin i won 1x 4$ there..
  7. im not lucky in plinko everytime i played i always go in the middle...wish i can hit high multiplier someday...
  8. nope hopefully eddie pick me someday im so happy for that if ever he pick me.
  9. me too im so happy for being a broze account hoping to level up in silver account soon...congrats for your bronze account lucas more luck to level up in silver account hope we level up soon.
  10. its up to the investors...but for me i think no better to keep your money in a bank for safety
  11. my favorite sports for betting is basketball
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