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  1. U are on pc or mobile? I have free vpns works smoothly
  2. Yeah right bro Haha true
  3. Is there any way to use promo codes on stake or primedice?
  4. Newcastle 2-2 Aston Villa Leeds1 -3 Chelsea Crystal Palace 2- 3West Brom Everton2 -1Burnley Fulham1 -4 Man City Southampton2 - 1Brighton Leicester 2- 1Sheffield Utd Arsenal 4- 2Tottenham Man Utd 1-2 West Ham Wolves 1-2 Liverpool Tiebreaker: 27 min Username Syednaeem110
  5. Stake username: Syednaeem110 Espn username: syednaeem110 Bracket name: Syednaeem110 1
  6. What's good strategy for 50 bucks? Lol
  7. U guys notice??? NBA totally movie suspense thrill action 😂
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