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  1. Yes they explained to me that the options are different when you're using a bot. But I never used bots. I told them from the start and they can easily check the device I use. They checked the bets individually and found out that 2 actions were made at the same exact time (identical timestamp), which is impossible to do by any player. It's the system repeating the first input (players decision) twice. That's the glitch.
  2. Finally after 3 months the tech support comes to the conclusion that I'm right. I have been accused by the live support and tech support for using bots, while I never used them. They were not willing to even check any of the details I provided. They looked into it today, something they should've done months ago. Offering me a refund for my 2 example bets, which are only 2 out of a big bunch. And asking me to re-produce this glitch and screen record it. So I will get a generous bug bounty. Is this some kind of joke? How about offering me a big compensation for falsely accusing me? Not once, but a bunch of times... I have played this game from January till April (when I encountered this glitch/bug) every single day and this glitch happened pretty much every long hi-lo session. 4 whole months and I wasn't able to prove anything, until I checked the bet id with King and Ace (as initial card). Me sending in 2 example bets with King and Ace doesn't mean it only happened twice. Go check the chat history and how many times I've been there. And also check all my hi-lo bets and look for irregularities by the system. Not several... Go check all of them. I told the live support from the start to looking into it and come back with a real reply, instead of accusing me for some nonsense... If they've listened to me, this issue would've been solved long time ago. But they never did anything for me. The other thing I'm worried about is... How many other players have encountered this glitch? Probably they thought it was normal and they couldn't do anything about it, without solid proof. Pretty much like me at the start. I honestly hope Stake will offer all these players a compensation for the losses caused by a glitch of their own system.
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