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  1. Thanks for your reply. I already did. Their reply was: There was a double-check with our superiors, but the answer is the same. I am sorry but we are not able to help you.... I'm very disappointed in Stake. All they did is pretty much blaming me for something I didn't. My screen recording clearly proves I'm playing on the phone and there is no way that I can use a bot on my phone. I looked into it after support mentioned it, and a bot can only be run on a computer.
  2. Hello everyone, On Wednesday I played Hi-lo and I enjoy playing this game a lot. I mostly play low/high cards, not the ones in between. I've been playing this game for almost 2 months now on consistent bases. Most of the time I play one card and then cashout (for wagering purposes). I noticed a glitch. This happened the same Wednesday. I got an Ace as initial card. Options were Higher or same (no higher/same or lower/same options with King and Ace). I obviously picked higher. To my surprise the system played 2 cards instead of 1. The card after the Ace were 6 and 5. Although I pick
  3. Why did you get banned from chat?
  4. I hit bronze in couple days.
  5. I like hi-lo, but after a good run I always lose most of my profit again when there is an ACE, 2, QUEEN OR KING. Instead of getting a higher on ace and 2, and lower on queen and king, the opposite happens. Not just once, but 2/3 times in a row.
  6. Xrp is the fastest, but some wallets don't support it anymore. because of the court case they had in January with the SEC. I use coinbase. I can still receive and send it, but I can't trade it anymore. So I'm not able to convert, buy and sell it.
  7. I personally like 2 more as well.
  8. I'm currently using coinbase. It's great in most ways, but u hate the customer service. They don't reply fast and it takes weeks for them to solve a case. That's why I did some research and I think Exodus will be my next wallet. They support way more coins.. Aside from that you can use the Trezor hardware wallet with Exodus. If you own large amounts of coins, that's the best way to store your coins safely.
  9. I do risk low, but still it hits the lowest valued tile. it's kinds frustrating, but yeah it's gambling.
  10. I hate it when sweet bonanza gives me 5 extra spins, but all of them are dead spins lol
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