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  1. Bet ID: 40,557,645,390 stake username: exqlode
  2. regular sweet bonanza bonus buys are so bad christmas sweet bonanza is love
  3. high 9 tiles is for going risky and for profit medium 12 tiles i go for wagering
  4. 50k for silver but doing it with rather safe sportsbets is easier because sportsbet wagers count 3 times
  5. mt 1 for buys and mt2 for just normal spins but mt2 looks way better
  6. i think too inter will win but gl with ur bet mate
  7. i use eos because its pretty fast and has very low fees btc has high fees and takes to long
  8. the og hilo game is pretty decent and if u play with small bets u can get insane multis
  9. i like snake arena because the bonus rounds are somewhat different then other games
  10. Could save you but i gamble it nontheless :D so its useless for me
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