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  1. btctothemoon90 , good luck everyone RED
  2. Everton-Spurs 1-2 Newcastle-West Ham 0-2 Wolves-Sheffield Utd 2-1 Arsenal-Fulham 1-1 Man Utd-Burnley 1-1 Leeds-Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea-Brighton 0-1 Spurs-Southampton 3-1 Aston Villa- Man City 0-2 Leicester-West Brom 1-2 tiebreaker: 9minutes btctothemoon90
  3. new sports provider with props and system betting, thoughts?
  4. Fulham-Wolves 2-1 Man City-Leeds 3-1 Liverpool-Aston Villa 1-0 Crystal Palace-Chelsea 0-1 Burnley-Newcastle 2-0 West Ham-Leicester 1-2 Spurs-Man Utd 1-0 Sheffield Utd-Arsenal 0-2 West Brom-Southampton 0-1 Brighton-Everton 2-1 tie breaker: 8minutes
  5. yeah, why i dont see the streaming section anymore? is it just me?
  6. where u got told that and where i can ask for something like that?
  7. yeah i agree with u, my buddy got a random 1.2k bonus or whatever it was. all i ever got was a bonus for reaching new vip levels and on top of that a perm mute in the chat.
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