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  1. btctothemoon90 good luck and have a nice weekend orange
  2. Btctothemoon90 , good luck everyone๐Ÿ˜ƒ Fawn
  3. btctothemoon90 , good luck every1 and have a nice weekend ORANGE
  4. he ran auto bets on it, pretty sure he wasted fuck ton of money before hitting that. nice one
  5. btctothemoon90


    asking for another shot after 11 mutes?? u deserve a chance to show ur changed after 11 mutes?? wtf u good lol
  6. btctothemoon90


    oh cmon dude 11 mutes and still complaining. ur most likely going to stay muted.
  7. btctothemoon90


    u deserved a PERMANENT mute long time ago. too much passive begging.
  8. btctothemoon90 , good luck everyone and have a nice weekend BLUE
  9. lottery would be nice (made a suggestion about this like 6 months ago). drawn once or twice a week. 1 ticket would cost 1-1.5$ (1-3 winners). player vs player bets like dice duel (ofcourse everyone who ever played rs knows what i mean haha)
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