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  1. Man City - West Ham 3x0 West Brom - Brighton 1x2 Leeds - Aston Villa 1x2 Newcastle - Wolves 1x1 Crystal Palace - Fulham 1x2 Leicester - Arsenal 1x3 Tottenham - Burnley 3x1 Chelsea - Man Utd 2x2 Sheffield Utd - Liverpool 1x3 Everton - Southampton 2x1 Man City - Wolves 4x1 Burnley - Leicester 1x1 Sheffield Utd - Aston Villa 1x2 Crystal Palace - Man Utd 1x3 Fulham - Tottenham 1x3 West Brom - Everton 1x1 Liverpool - Chelsea 1x1 tiebreaker: 17minutes username:btctothemoon90
  2. add a lottery to stake which will be drawn once a week (?) or something similar. 1 ticket would cost 1-2 euros/dollars or whatever. letme know what u think total pot depends on how many tickets bought in total.
  3. SLOTS: 36,943,884,885 placed by btctothemoon90 on 25/02/2021 Wagered 0.00073568 Multiplier 105x Profit 0.07651072 SLOTS: 37,019,013,502 placed by btctothemoon90 on 26/02/2021 Wagered 0.00649025 Multiplier 267.3x Profit 1.72835358
  4. u should advertise stake on sythe.org (if sythe is willing to promote gambling) - 600k members - alot of crypto related markets - gamers (probably interested of crypto gambling)
  5. i know but more coins would be better, atleast for myself since i hold alot of alt coins which is not listed on stake ( probably many others do aswell) and i dont feel like exchanging everytime i want to deposit.
  6. fruit party, sweet bonanza always fks me over
  7. vechain (vet) as deposit currency, fast and cheap transactions.
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