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    btctothemoon90 reacted to hairyporter in sportsbook   
    System bets, Conditional bet, Multi bet, Chain bet would make sportsbook experience more thrilling for sure. 
  2. Sad
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from moneymakerbr in Streaming section   
    yeah, why i dont see the streaming section anymore? is it just me?
  3. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to ewhore in Support Staff made me lose the Sport Challenge (Overbook - Dusan)   
    Stake is getting worse everyday ...
  4. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to maverick528 in Looking for VPN   
    The Opera browser includes an integrated VPN, that you can enable or disable very fast and easy.
  5. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Cogmaster in Mods on stake are biased and unprofessional   
    As expected they have provided no proof to their claims and kept my permanent mute - and closed the appeal.
    The entire staff team on here is corrupt - all they do is vouch for each other to keep their warm spots as moderators or Stake staff. Then you guys pretend you actually care and present me with false and misleading evidence for my permanent mute. Think about this, since there are no laws applied here mods and managers can afford to be biased and not give a fuck about people like us on here who do not wager one million dollars every month. Here is a quote that accurately depicts the situation.
    "When the truth offends, we lie and lie, until we can no longer remember it is ever there. But it is still there. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid."
    And I have to say, the Stake mod team does a perfect job at coddling, lying and manipulating in order to maintain their power.
    That is what you get for trying to present the staff with proof and factual information, they get offended because you exposed their corruption and biased decisions, so they take the easy path of permanently muting you, and BAM problem solved for the Stake mod team!
    How dare someone question the almighty Stake mods and support team! They are never wrong!!!
  6. Lame
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Tamara in Mods on stake are biased and unprofessional   
    You are allowed to share your thoughts however you should also accept that you broke a rule and that is the reason your mute got increased. It's not nice to blame the staff and make them look bad in other's people eyes. As I said, there is always a reason why are things done in a certain way. 
  7. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Cogmaster in Mods on stake are biased and unprofessional   
    I was permanently muted on Stake chat because a guy edited my text via inspect element to make it seem like I broke the rules. They refuse to remove my mute for over a year and ignore me. I bet if I was a diamond tier player they would unmute me. But guess what, if you are not a high roller they treat you like trash and ignore your messages.
    Like the world is not crazy enough, welcome to clown world.
    They also refuse to admit that they made the wrong decision as they do not want to take blame for it, it is easier to just keep me muted and ignore me.
  8. Payday
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from Legitfree in 10 to 500 usd   
    good luck with the challenge
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    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from khela0305 in Best crypto currency   
  10. Wow
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Danica in Stake Singing Contest 2021- Replace the lyrics   
    Let's break the ice. Not my best work vocals wise,  but I'm proud of my lyrical abilities 😂
    For better experience use headphones.  🤘
      I got on the stake to check the games
    Originals were calling my name
    Neh nah nah nah
    Do I go for limbo or some slots
    When I place a bet my balance drops
    Neh nah nah nah
    Scarab got me mesmerized
    I’m hoping I can win a prize
    Neh nah nah nah
    I’m  thinking should I go all in
    And give it one last, fnal spin
    Neh nah nah nah
    Was a close call but I hit that spin
    To my surprise it was a win
    Neh nah nah nah
    Bonus spins came popping out
    I couldn’t believe my luck
    Neh nah nah nah
    10 lines is a way to go
    If you wish to get it all
    Neh nah nah nah
    All those symbols came aligned
    And it was about damn time
    Neh nah nah nah
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    btctothemoon90 reacted to Nenad in 🥇 [$6,000] Scarab Queen 👑   
    Congratulations VIPs!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 16th of March:
    Top 10 winners:

    The full list can be seen here: https://pastebin.com/4p4hc3nA
    Make sure you are logged in to the proper account. 
    115 winners.
    Prizes are doubled for all verified users.
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    btctothemoon90 reacted to adeczek in Lottery   
    actually.. I love this idea !!
  13. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Raikage in Lottery   
    They r already doing raffles once in a while..1000$ wager per ticket! But, still a good idea
  14. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to newbie in Lottery   
    The good idea, if you lucky can get a jackpot and change your life 
  15. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from newbie in Lottery   
    add a lottery to stake which will be drawn once a week (?) or something similar. 1 ticket would cost 1-2 euros/dollars or whatever. 
    letme know what u think
    total pot depends on how many tickets bought in total.
  16. Bitcoin
    btctothemoon90 reacted to keltec in Lottery   
    Not a bad idea
  17. Bitcoin
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from keltec in Lottery   
    add a lottery to stake which will be drawn once a week (?) or something similar. 1 ticket would cost 1-2 euros/dollars or whatever. 
    letme know what u think
    total pot depends on how many tickets bought in total.
  18. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 reacted to Kapokala in ​ 💰 CSGO 22.02.2021Predictions 💰 Fat W yesterday!   
    🤑 The boys are back with another CSGO predictions post on Stake Forum 🤑
    👉 Lower the bet value and don't take all the bets as parlay. Below I will let u know, what u should bet in parlay and single. 👈
    ⚠️ Bet ID to copy (make sure to read everything below and don't bet all in one parlay): sport:7104916 
    The most obvious match winner for today:
    Ambush vs Ago - I should bet on Ago ML, but odds on ambush to win their map pick are wayyy too big. Ago changed the whole roaster last month, they are trying so hard to comeabck to tier1 scene, but it isn't working really well. +1.5 map handicap should not be a problem.
    Nemiga vs Forze - God damn, the bookie is giving us free odds on Nemiga. Forze benched xsepower, the guy who was mainly supporting Forze in past matches, this guy was the key to win. RIGHT after they benched him, they lost the momentum, started losing a loooot matches online and offline, u can't even take 2:0 with Low bet value
    Lilmix vs Grond - I could take +1.5 map handicap for u guys, but tbh, I now lilmix really well, the best team full of throwers. Grond has been really good so far, with potential to win more tier2 CS games. 
    Trident vs Case Esports - This is the reason why I said, to not bet them all in one parlay. Bookie is favouring Trident as ML, but it will be tough. Case Esports, the brazillian team is weak, for sure they are weak, and if Trident catch the momentum, they will close it out with 2:0 or 2:1 score.
    Sinnger vs Copenhagen Flames - SInners is on the run to win more matches, but somebody has to break the streak. That's why I'm choosing Copenhagen for today. Sexy odds, u should be satisfied with the result. Not much to say, copenhagen had a looooong time to prepare, Sinners are consistent, but it's not like all these matches were played really well. The luck was always on their side, timing.
    Havu vs Winstrike - With Nemiga and Forze ahead this is the most obvious match to bet on for today. YOu can combinate Nemiga and Havu to win in parlay and bet bigger, than on other picks. Not much to say, Winstrike is playing shit cs. Match against unique was painful to watch. 0 impact to the game, any tactics, just straight "rush and kill" tactic. That's now how the CSGO team works. You can't win the match, if ur team is full of Salah players right? Ye, that's how I would describe Winstrike squad. They have good aim players, most of them have really great headshoot %, but it's not all about shooting. Havu is wayyy more prepared and I'm putting my own money on them.  That's why Havu is the best pick with also crazy odds, x1.8.  
    bets in Parlay I recommend: Nemiga ML, Havu ML (big bet compare to single bets stake) 👌
    Single bets I recommend: Ambush +1.5 map handiucap, Grond ML, Trident ML, Copenhagen ML (bigger bet) 👌
    💰 Secure the bag boys 💰
    🤑 Greenness and the winning coupons! 🤑

  19. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from Kapokala in ​ 💰 CSGO 22.02.2021Predictions 💰 Fat W yesterday!   
    tailed, good luck
  20. Thanks
    btctothemoon90 got a reaction from Alee110 in Slots   
    fruit party, sweet bonanza always fks me over
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