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  1. Yup. . .never hit 1000x again after chelenge Hahaha. .me too my man
  2. well .... I understand. ... I've tried changing the seed several times. .but still didn't find 1000x. .and the last seed in the nonce 80k roll still can't find it. . . maybe I have to collect a lot of money first to conquer the 1000x again
  3. how about after you win 5 times in a row in one week. . have you felt the sensation ???
  4. I dont know why. .i'm not lucky or something. .i'm trying hunt 1000x in 5 days. .never hit. . .and last game in 11300 roll i just got 1x payout 130x. .
  5. Mbah


    I hope u not play plinko. . .im trying play plinko hunt 1000x very bad dude. . .5 days i'm never hit 1000x. .mad few minutes ago i just hit 130x in 11300 roll. .suck. . .😳
  6. Mbah


    I hope u not trying play plinko. . .peace man.....$10k nothing happen in plinko
  7. Same like plinko bruh. ...in 3 day i lose over $8
  8. Mbah


    Amazing plinko. ...how was your experience with plinko ??????? Peace
  9. Mbah


    Yup. . .plinko now very big risk. . .everytime chelenge always that's game different...and going to very stronger
  10. Mbah


    holla ev1. . . how do you feel playing plinko now ?? for me plinko make me suck. .🤣 was very happy to see the ball come out of the pin and bounce back up again 🤭. . that's my experience every day ... how about your experience ???
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