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  1. First of all are you 12? If you aren’t stop being a virgin and spamming smileys all over the screen you cretin. second of all why are they lying saying they’re looking into a safer gambling tool when clearly they are not. Thirdly: no one is jealous you absolute moron.
  2. Couldn’t agree more man, the thing is the moderators not naming a few but you can probably guess who are going on power trips constantly and muting people for the littlest things while there is known scammers who haven’t been muted etc. They need to be humbled. Also the stake team has been lying for 3 months to me saying that they would “look into” self excluding from house games but they haven’t and it’s been 3 months. It’s getting a bit ridiculous, they can see what ball would’ve been 1000x in your seed but can’t self exclude from their own house games. This is not good for safe gambling because in between them telling me that they’re looking into it I’ve lost at least 10k in the past 2 months from it. Things for improvement: 1: Mods need to not be so power hungry and have limits on what they can do fairly 2: Stop lying about looking into something and actually do it.
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  4. Lol ever since i gave a negative review on stake i havent hit anything, theyve lowered my RTP and wont let me speak to big man Eddie about this ridiculous RTP that clearly is no where near 96%,
  5. Anyone else had 10-17 bonus buys pay less than 0.3x in a row? it all started happening after i left a negative review
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