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  1. Stake id : dboyeric Twitch id : dboyeric
  2. I did withdraw 0.007btc last Saturday. So 2020 is going to be great for sure
  3. Happy birthday stake Username: dboyeric
  4. Happy birthday stake, my favorite moment on stake was when i withdraw large chunk of LTC🎁
  5. Am not a regular on stake, but if am permitted to add something, it would be an instant flash bet. A command to roll hundreds of roll in less than a minute
  6. This week is going to be positive week for you, keep it green
  7. The worst thing i ever done was smashing my phone on the floor right after busting my balance
  8. Highest have gotten was 2 streaks in a roll
  9. Just one question, does the all in has to be 30 straight streak or you all in whenever you feel lucky
  10. Someone i know once said in chat that we should always see the next roll as a green whenever we are hunting big payout, because we would never know when its going to drop!
  11. I would love to try out this strategy. Sadly it never crossed my mind. But am doubtful of 30 straight winning streaks.
  12. There is a saying that goes like this, they more money we have had, the more we always want. Your taste in winning has changed Since the day you experienced a winning of full bitcoin.
  13. i will buy a house and a car with 4btc, then use the remaining 6 btc to start a business