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  1. The question is What did you have to sell after loosing on Stake? 😆
  2. Never play anything RNG or provably fair blackjack. You will loose every single time. Play Live or light your money on fire.
  3. Buffalo Gold! No contest. Too bad there isn`t a way to play it online.
  4. A good way to cut your losses is to avoid ANY game marked "Provably fair". But it can still be fun.. 🤣
  5. I do agree with you. And this was just my point. Beeing a VIP at Stake, is beeing a normal player. 😅 Would be interesting to see the numbers of Plat 3-> players though..
  6. As a Plat 3 VIP, i can`t complain. I get my reloads, bonuses and i have a great host. But VIP means you are part of something special. Bronze or Diamond.. still a VIP. Has this gotten out of hand at stake? The official Stake Telegram channel has 23k subs. Fair enough. But the Stake VIP channel has 54k!! subs. Witch means that there is more than 54 000 VIP`s on Stake.com. Was the bar set to low to become a VIP in the first place? Or is it that the amount of new players have increased alot in a short time period? And where does this end? Something have to give at one point?
  7. Alienware X17 for most of the time. On mobile i have my old Samsung Note 10 Plus.
  8. You have better odds winning on a bad run at a Hacksaw game than on Stake Originals
  9. Like Stake stated : So there will be drops that suit everyone. But 5k imo is an absolute minimum.
  10. For the highrollers, that would be millions. If this kind of bonus gets dropped, i guess it will be absolute max 0.01%.
  11. skleven


    Yes.. it`s hard.. 😂
  12. Not expecting anything special. If they send a 0.1% wager bonus, i wil most definently keel over and have a massive seziure. 🤣
  13. Is this written in english?? 😳
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