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    ndrishere reacted to Xhale99 in 🎲🧮 Dice +80% Profitable.   
    Nicely done! 👍 I guess you did some maths with the strategy just have to know when to stop the autobet. 
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    ndrishere reacted to FearghalPower in 🎲🧮 Dice +80% Profitable.   
    What win chance do you start with?
  3. Thanks
    ndrishere reacted to MrLONESTAR0526 in 🎲🧮 Dice +80% Profitable.   
    thanks should try this mann
  4. Bitcoin
    ndrishere reacted to JonathanMhlr in 🎲🧮 Dice +80% Profitable.   
    Good, i'm going to try
  5. Love
    ndrishere got a reaction from charvel in 🎲🧮 Dice +80% Profitable.   
    Hi everyone. in this topic I gonna show you how to set Dice Conditions as a profitable strategy.(In my viewpoint.).
    I had a good experience as player. really good. Why ? Because It take me to the high risk mood very smoothly.
    You have to Stop Autoplay Button by hand.
    Bet time : ~20sec. (instant bet)
    Profite: 80%
    Win chance: %50
    Point: You have good time to decision about next move.
    (Stop Autobet = Cashout. Actually you making Dice game like Crash with more time to Cashout .)

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    ndrishere got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    ndr is here
    nader is here.
    I want everyone around me to know that I am here and I am happy wherever I am.
    My name is Nader Nice to meet you guys.
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    ndrishere reacted to Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    As you all already know, us from your lovely 24/7 Support team, use our real names as a definitive mark or recognition on the chat accompanied with that shiny green S in the front  

    I have noticed some of the users having really interesting nicknames under which they play here on Stake and I would like to know how you got them and if there is a background story for getting your nick.
    Is is your real name as well? Is there some interesting concept behind creating it or was it just a random mix of letters/numbers and not important at all? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you! 
  8. Love
    ndrishere got a reaction from cptmarvel in Where to bet?   
    Hi there102483
    Follow this steps to make your bet on Sports or even E-sports:
    Open this link: https://stake.com/sports Choose your favorite game or video game like Tennis, Soccer, DotA2, etc. Now you have list of upcoming games in selected category. Guess your match winner and wait for it. Done. Good Luck  Have Fun 🍀
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