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  1. will hunt this soon goodluck hunters!
  2. AdamLevine

    ri1ey's memo board

    Damn @ri1ey master master. hail ri1ey hail
  3. I would write all the names of my fake friends and kill em all
  4. This news will have a big impact to all cryptos But lets hope for the best
  5. I will try this strategy @skywallkee i think its exciting
  6. Im agree with this All in is better than martingale tho. because at the end of martingale you still lose. so why not all in
  7. Thats so unlucky man. if it was me i cant bet like that on hilo maybe i should try 100k per bet. but hope you can win it again man. gl
  8. You are so lucky stim @nadiya14 hitted that multi too. im at 5k reds already and still no luck i hope i can hit this soon GoodLuck!
  9. Seems like legit.... but how to earn here?
  10. Lets see and wait what will happen to this soon its a bad news
  11. Its amazing But we dont know why she was here. i dont know what is the purpose why they join cryptos
  12. I just saw this right now ITS SO CUTE @stimubate you got your talent and share here to stake