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  1. Octoberian17 Color: Blue God Bless You.
  2. "Juicy Fruits" and "Leprechaun goes wild" are also giving free spin with huge winnings.
  3. Hi Mavs so what is the best strategy for wagering? cause sometimes is used this specially if my progress is approaching near to the next level. for Dice i normally used 1.25x and if you are good in math you will have a profit in here but if you're greedy you will busted right away same with me i busted $5000 today.
  4. Hey Gorgeous CM Minaa thanks, Yeah i will push it to make it happen on October 6more months to go..
  5. Wow that's obviously a glitch. I think the support or the technical team can easily check this one no question about it and if its on my part with high bet amount i will do the same thing to report and complain it. You can send a decent email to them with your explanation and for sure they will investigate this one. Good luck to you and more winnings to come.
  6. I wish to win 5000X on slot this year also hoping to reach Diamond level as well.
  7. I always get high pay out with my iPad rather than my playing using my laptop.
  8. I am Plat 2 now got $500dollars welcome bonus and wagered almost 35k to reached it.
  9. If you use 3x up multiplier you will get that 20 losses but if you use 2x or lower its impossible to get 20times loss, The longest i had for this multiplier is 15 losing streak. I always used martingale on a 3x multiplier on Dice and as per my experience you need to start with a big amount of bankroll to win, I always change my seed every 15mins.
  10. It's hard to define what you will get on weekly or monthly cause even me i don't know exactly how they calculate it, like for me i expect much but that's not the one i get. Once you reached Platinum you will get more for sure and if you wagered a lot per day much better.
  11. Platinum Lighting Deluxe, Buffalo Rampage, Fortune Cat and San Quentin..
  12. I will Bro good luck to us. It is awesome specially if we reach the diamond level..
  13. I usually played this slot always "Platinum Lighting Deluxe" and suddenly I hit 1,100X won Big Profit of $13,777 on the Bonus Round. Share your winnings here..
  14. Platinum 1 86% progress 14% more to Platinum 2.
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