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  1. D live - jamalnai Used to be a twitch moderator, quite good with handling many people. I'm down
  2. Jamalnai Best of luck everyone ❤️ 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
  3. What's your story on how far you've run up a weekly or monthly bonus (not a deposit or tip) I've taken a 10 dollar weekly to 9 k on keno and a max fruit party win.
  4. Sweet, I haven't played wheel in forever. Wish they created a bigger x in it to chase
  5. I change every 100 bets regardless, just something I do religiously for everything but plinko
  6. Jamalnai

    Weekly Giveaway

    Would be nice
  8. Mine was 124 USD, I ran it to 3 k then busted
  9. One of my best moves was moving to stake. Good luck. Feeling RED ❤️ Jamalnai 🔥
  10. Best of luck everyone, let's print! Jamalnai
  11. Jamalnai Let's get it stake weekly boost to the moooooon!
  12. Hey guys, just curious to know what you best run was with reloads or 'dust' to a potential cash out? Put them down below, I've had my fair share of 10 c going up to 500 - 2000 dollars with extremely lucky hits.
  13. I'm relatively new to stake, been here since Feb - March. It's been a roller coaster but I'm sure the next is up!
  14. Hey! Good luck everyone! Username Jamalnai Royal blue for the W!
  15. Jamalnai Red for stake let's get it ❤️
  16. Loving the stream! Let's go print on Plinko! Haha 👌❤️🍀 Favorite color: Olive Jamalnai
  17. Thanks that helps a lot Do you have a set up?
  18. When don't I is a better question
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