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  1. dice is the best but i do recommend doing it with large bets instead of small bets ( like do 10$ instead of 1$)
  2. Narchy

    Ltc / btc

    use any coin but BTC or ETH cause of the fees, XRP is instant, TRX and EOS takes up to 5 mins ~ and LTC 10 mins ~
  3. 50$ Tip from trevado and 100$ Rain i dont remember from who it was lol
  4. Narchy

    Raffle missing?

    same for me, i wonder if the $$ i wager rn will count when it came back if its an bug
  5. normally i get lucky on slots then build the balance on bj and bust it all in 2 mins in limbo
  6. there was one time at an 50$ blackjack table that the dealer pulled 5 21's in a row i just left after this lol i wonder if he pulled anymore
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