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  1. congratss everybody 😄, hope i be part of this list in the next one 🤞
  2. i think its 5 lol, i always leave the table when i win a lot of hands i feel bad karma incoming just gambler things lol
  3. IMO any crypto except ETH and BTC cause of the fees, i mostly use LTC and XRP cause their deposit are almost instant and pratically 0 fees
  4. i am planning to hold some safemoon by the next week, i think it will even pass the ath with some months, but what i dont like the coin is the "pyramid scheme" with the fees that it have if you sell it
  5. Thanks stake for his incredible moment, never achieved multiplier above 1000x before, i still thinking this isn't real LOL (just imagine if the bet was higher), also if you have any big win feel free to share it in this post i would be looking it one by one, cheers guys 😆 Replay link: https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/hTGQkJJaeR Bet ID: casino:43091428471
  6. when i have money that i can afford to lose and nothing to do then i go on Stake.com and give some of it to eddie LOL
  7. LTC, Low fees and fast transactions
  8. Best RTP, awesome support, incredible VIP programm, many games that other casinos dont offer, also instant withdraws
  9. Casino, sometimes i do sport bets but i ain't that good at it
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