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  1. It's all luck! Last week I got a promo code for 20c, hit a 100x on crash with 04c = 4$.. Then I hit few bonus on Roman Legion and Ramses on gamomat with 05c bet got 16$..went to other slots and CT turned into 80$..Went back to gamomat and spined 50c on Book of Bulls... Wanted to change the bet to 30c but accidentally put in 30$... first spin won 150, next spin 350, then I hit the bonus and won 17000$. The luckiest day of my life! And the best mistake I ever made! This wasn't on stake tho, just want to share my experience. ps: just got back from vacation with family, so greatfull and blessed! Hope we all get lucky! GOODLUCK!
  2. I'm just wondering how the weekly and monthly are actually calculated? Hope someone can come up with a legit answer... Lol
  3. Always put a target and limit for yourself if you are playing from the start. And be committed to it. It's hard at first to control but if you remind yourself on the feeling on lossing you might get a grip. Always cash out on big wins. And don't forget to bless those close to you 😃
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