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  1. gasset

    Favorite song?

    Angels - Robbie Williams
  2. Definitely seek help! Although now you see everything black, everything has a solution. Quit the game and do not try to make up for what you lost by playing again. forget the game, leave it. Much courage and strength, my brother
  3. Blame on you. If you think Stake is a scam, walk away.
  4. The loser thinks that they are all of the same condition
  5. Platinum VI. About to reach Diamond level😉
  6. When will the May bonus come?
  7. It is difficult, but possible. I have managed to take $ 5 to $ 500 in one day. I can prove it. I have also managed to lose $ 3000 in a few hours ... Good luck!
  8. gasset


    DogeCoin will raise its price a lot at the end of the year
  9. Happy Birthday!
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