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  1. Funny I saw in chat your lost betslip wasnt voided only the won betslip
  2. 50,000x? Dude you are tripping
  3. Fulham-Wolves 1-3 Man City-Leeds 4-1 Liverpool-Aston Villa 2-0 Crystal Palace-Chelsea 0-1 Burnley-Newcastle 2-2 West Ham-Leicester 1-2 Spurs-Man Utd 3-3 Sheffield Utd-Arsenal 0-0 West Brom-Southampton 2-2 Brighton-Everton 1-2 Tie Breaker: 50 Username: ewhore
  4. . I feel you. All I get from VIP Host is my reload renewed. Instant deposit got taken away, Asked to participate in battles but I never got added to the waiting list even tho I got told that I can be added to the list. One of my friends on Stake got a lossback, he wagered the same amount as me. Platinums get their pre weekly / weekly after bronze gets it... They indeed only care about people who deposit everyday and wager on casino games
  5. I know im not a moderator but do you have proofs? Because without proofs they wont be able to do anything I guess
  6. Big Win! 4 Odds Parlay - Nice Not much talking... directly betting on the next game. Denver is on a good streak, Jokic and Murray on fire! New Orleans tho is not in their best form atm.
  7. First betslip for this Challenge. I really think it can hit. Havu is on fire since their loss vs hREDS, Cloud9 is the big favourite, and I see Olympiacos winning because Anis never beaten Olympiacos in their H2H series and Olympiacos is averaging 2.57 points in Super League, which is insane and better than european top teams such as Bayern Munich averaging 2.35 points per game.
  8. I love watching sports - makes even more fun combined with betting on the games I watch lmao I also play video games
  9. Lol this sounds fun! Nice idea, I'll start the same challenge tomorrow, too!
  10. I really like to live - bet on NBA and Tennis. With live betting I can keep track which team / player got the momentum on his side
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