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  1. Winallday33355 ❤️ everyone Teal
  2. Winallday33355 ❤️ you all! Wenge
  3. winallday33355 Mikado ❤️ you guys!
  4. Winallday33355 Thanks for the stream! Red!
  5. winallday33355 Love you guys! Olive
  6. Winallday33355 Hope you guys had a great week!
  7. Welp after this bonus wondering if you can beat it I'm sure there are couple other monster retriggers out there. Was doing mini bonus hunt was only able to get 8 bonuses w/ 65$ and was only expecting to make back 25-30$ 11 Retrigs for 165 spins on Madame Destiny. 670.4x
  8. I play this every bonus
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