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  1. Uhhh. Wow, haha. I'm sure all of the guys here thought the same damn thing. Shitttt.
  2. after ripping the $600 I made 30 min prior
  3. This completely ruins the point of a decentralized financial platform.
  4. I may try this today instead of ripping on plinko all day again, lol.
  5. Yeah, NEVER play on mobile unless you have auto stop set up. I have lost hundreds of dollars from it "crashing" EXACTLY when I hit my button. Might try some in PC later today.
  6. I really feel like bitting takes all the fun and excitement out of actually gambling man....
  7. I've never won a single penny from this game, haha.
  8. Maybe I'll have to use this... Thanks so much for the help!
  9. I feel like it's good for wagering, but not a consistent game.
  10. One ball at a time, always.
  11. Frutz by far! Plinko is second.
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