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  1. Hi! tae40127 I'm Allenzkie21😊 Hi there tae40127😊 its okay you can recover soon😉lets be friends☺
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  3. My Biggest tip Recieve was 60$ From Ubbey04 One of generous people on stake🎊Thanks to him he help me with some foods on my Birthday❣️Hoping many more will comes 😂😊 Allenzkie21
  4. ROULETTE: 50,408,317,550 placed by Allenzkie21 on 20/07/2021 Wagered 0.10000000 Multiplier 36x Profit 3.50000000
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  6. Happiest Birthday to our beloved Sir Eddie 🎉I Hope you'll having a greet day today🎊Enjoy Your Most important day🎈🎈
  7. sport:12601529 Betted 1$ Then suddenly cryptodown
  8. We dont Know yet bro But Its fast Approaching😎🔥
  9. Perfect Explanation 🔥😍and thats should do it😊Thanks bro🔥 Perfect explanation 🔥Thanks broo😊
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