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  1. Hi. You did not qualify that s why. You need to have full house with A A ... Win a bet on Video Poker by hitting Full house with a pair of 2 A's + any 3-OF-A-KIND
  2. GotSeven


    Looks like cdot got issues bro. I red whole story. Goodluck
  3. Yes. Since beta version this happens. I wrote to support about it they need video of it. The cash out button stays inactive also my balance was not deducted but when i refresh the page my balance was missing. Every session i play on crash this happen
  4. The more you play the more chance to lose and get a huge lose streak
  5. GotSeven


    Maybe they also hacked your email, and they just took what they need. Sorry for ur lost. You should acticate 2FA
  6. And what about telegram challenges ? It says $45 -$15,000 Live TG challenge - October 7th Daily Telegram Challenge! Today's Telegram Challenge will begin in 5 minutes! $45 - $15,000 in prizes! 15 winners! Prizes: πŸ’Ž Diamond - $20 πŸ† Platinum - $15 πŸ₯‡ Gold - $10 πŸ₯ˆ Silver - $5 πŸ₯‰ Bronze - $4 πŸ”˜ No rank - $3 Check here for all the info regarding challenge including previous winners: https://forum.stake.com/board/255-tg-challenge/ Prepare for hunt, good luck! πŸ€
  7. Just Search for frenchbull bustabit on youtube
  8. I only have this small one on my back to show nothing else
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