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  1. I use Chrome and ZenVPN. Free and always working fine with Stake.
  2. Tennis live. If you can study statistics and all you can earn a lot from it.
  3. I'm lucky enough not to be addicted and I always gamble what I can afford. I gamble for fun. Also, I never loaned any money from anybody... I can't live with the stress of have debts... the fact I owe someone money stresses me too much.
  4. Keno, Limbo. I really love originals when you get the luck of getting high multi on them.
  5. A Michael Jackson game on SEGA megadrive or some console like that ahahah
  6. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
  7. Sometimes I've been nervous to the team because of issues related to cashouts in Sports. But they always handled me professionally and friendly. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. You are the only one who replied to me, so I had to thank you personally
  9. Hi everyone. I am TheRealGamblo on Stake, and I've been a part of this Community since end of February. I had so much fun playing on Stake, I've never had so much fun. Originals are fun, sport betting is fun, the support is fast and responsive, Eddie is awesome, and the chat makes me laugh and smile a lot even if I don't write many times into it. I've had a fantastic March in this platform, and using the website made me forget about my problems. The feeling when you win big, the adrenaline, the feeling when you lose too... gambling is fun! And I am not addicted, so I only gamble what I ca
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