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    That's what everyone else does. You've already contributed more by making this thread than 90% of the 'thanks' spammers trying to meet the requirement.
  2. @dupeddonk The tool looks great, especially with the target information you’ve added. Are you willing to share this update to your verifier as well? I certainly would use it frequently.
  3. “Bets? What bets? “ -Stake, probably. still going MIA from archives
  4. You should be able to check your bet archive or verify the results to disprove this if you think a bet was fishy. I say “should” because there are bets missing from the archive. Everyones archive, I would bet. It should have the full seed so you can see if the rest of it was altered. Or they could just do what you are suggesting and change it back in the 24 hours it takes them to put the bets in the archive. Since it’s not immediately available unless you copy down and manually check each one, there is room for manipulation there. I wonder why the archives are delayed by a full 24 hours. I’m sure there is a logical database-related answer, but I’m curious. Food for thought.
  5. @Krazeg I think it activated and then lost 12 more (24 total) so on the last one it reset the bet and raised it 100%. I'm not sure why it's .03 instead of .02 in that scenario, but we would need to see the crypto values to know what exact math happened.
  6. I don't think many wonder anymore. They assume (know?) it doesn't and that is likely why the level of respect has declined between management/staff/support and players, which is reflected on the forum and chat. I really enjoy Stake and just hope the powers that be recognize it's because we care and appreciate what Stake has to offer. Needless to say I am in support of players having established representation to help with trust and transparency.
  7. I'll add it to the to-do list... this would be a good addition to my template.
  8. I wish Stake 4.0 would wine and dine me before... you know. Doing what it does to me. Also, bet archives.
  9. If I don’t use a bot then there are bets that cannot be verified. This worries me for multiple reasons I shouldn’t have to explain. This is unfortunately not true. I’m not sure how Stake defines “frequently” but nearly every file I have checked in my archive has missing bets. The number of missing bets is now in the thousands and happens nearly every day that I play. I still have missing bets from months ago. Several players have confirmed on these forums that live support won’t provide resolution. The conversation goes similar to this one we are having: Support: They are in the archive. Player: No, they are not. Support: They should be. Player: Well, they are not. Support: They WILL be. And they never show up. Unless it takes over a year, I suppose. My goal here is not to instigate but to trust Stake with my money. I know you don’t care whether or not I play on Stake because I am nobody. The purpose is to bring attention to an obvious problem that literally requires a third party program or me writing down every hash/seed/nonce combo just to be able to use the Provably Fair verify tool on any given bet. It’s hard to be probably fair when you are withholding bet data. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. 😀
  10. @MilicaRYes I know where those things are located and how to access/view them. The problem is that they are missing bet data - as in, literally do not have records for some bets. A good recent thread on this is shown here: This is a widespread issue for over a year. I cannot verify bets that appear to not exist according to Stake’s archives. Win or lose, the wagers were still made, as reflected in the player balance and nonce skip as well as any bet collection the player does themselves (ie, dicebot). Is there any plan to fix the missing bets problem? Thanks for your input!
  11. Thank you for the response - I understand the concern it’s just quite confusing because I saw a moderator recommend the use of dicebot on a thread as recent as last week. Since bots are currently the only way to accurately, completely, and reliably have full bet records, can you please give an indication on when I won’t need to rely on one in place of the incomplete and inconsistent bet archive? Thanks in advance.
  12. Did you get any notification or indication that it happened and why?
  13. Hello Support team, I noticed a thread I was active in discussing lua script for dicebot was deleted. Before I contributed I checked the Forum Rules for such discussions and did not see anything that would indicate sharing scripts (or in my case helping a user edit theirs) was prohibited. I understand Stake does not support third party bots, but did not realize the discussion of them and their associated scripts were not allowed. I guess I did not look hard enough, so will someone please clarify or link me to the guidelines for discussing dice bots and other third-party tools/resources that are prohibited so I don’t accidentally get myself muted or banned? Thanks!
  14. The fact that this was brought up last year and is still an issue leaves the player to their imagination as to why Stake would not take necessary steps to correct the problem. Maybe if there was at least acknowledgement from staff we’d feel more confident in their record-keeping abilities. Unless, you know… it’s intentional. I guess if you are in the business of facilitating gambling (where the primary activity is the placement of bets), you don’t need to (want to?) keep an accurate record on the player side for transparency, auditing, or any other liability-related reason. And yet here we all are…
  15. Hi all, I'm curious to know what targets (multis) everyone likes to chase. If you want to share your strategy at a given multiplier, feel free. A few I have been known to use and discussed with others in chat: 1.30x / bread and butter when the seed conditions are right. 1.50x / looking for streaks 3.00x / double on win 10/20/30x+ / random yolo Disclaimer: I have no secret sauce and am not in-profit on Stake. I'm just a guy interested in the data.
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