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  1. Well it took a bit of learning but I did manage to repurpose MyDiceBot for a makeshift limbot.. Cheers
  2. Ha, thanks for the response. I’ll keep researching.
  3. @Ghostnipple, this looks like a Limbo bot which I have been searching for. I understand if you are not willing to share it, but would you be willing to at least hint at a starting point and what resources you started with?
  4. I'm using Seuntjie's. some system variables may be different, I'm not familiar with webdicebot
  5. Hey all, I scripted this for Dicebot... it needs some work and improvements but the general idea is there. As always, run it at your own risk and don't leave it unattended. Not responsible for any gains or losses. pastebin.com/A71HmXpM edit: To elaborate: it has a reset on profit of .00000001 so it just will reset upon gaining any profit. I have run it for a bit and like the idea. major improvements needed
  6. I almost forgot about the Tribes series. Would love a new one of these
  7. The first CoD with Vehicles... 2004 was a blast
  8. I appreciate the data dive here. Not surprised there aren't any green bars, but I was hopeful when I opened the post. Thanks for sharing.
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