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  1. I got 1 trx but I did not play the previous week
  2. I am not saying that the current remuneration system is bad. On the contrary, you spoil us very much. Cryptocurrency could be created to reward current players in the form of Airdrop. In addition, part of the entire pot is spent on prizes in various events. Personally, I would be happy to buy this cryptocurrency Just because I know that Stake is the largest crypto currency casino in the world. In addition, this way you would gain new players. It would certainly make a loud thought of it and at the same time about the Stake Casino
  3. Which slots do you think have the largest RTP?
  4. I think that in a long time may be something of this unless there is a better project
  5. I think creating a cryptocurrency "Stake“ would be a great idea
  6. I played a lot of sweet bonanza but recently stopped giving. Several times in a row 0$
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