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  1. Hi, there are only 200% bonus, which is good but i'd like to know if a 300% was possible, i'd stick to stake only casino if only that was possible, we can't have our own custom script on stake crash game
  2. mikii94

    Stake affliate

    Hi, thanks guys, i contacted support and it's working now
  3. Hi, I am a "big" crash gambler, i used to play alot on others sites. I'd like to start my stake adventure and i was wondering if you were offering any 300% wagering bonus for a 5k+ deposit since i don't really plan to withdraw anytime soon even if the wager is x40, it's fine to me.
  4. mikii94

    Stake affliate

    Hello, I would like to know why i don't have access to rakeback / or bonus from support. I am bronze and i'm looking to do a deposit.
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