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  1. Future winner here, for sure !
  2. According to my scrobbler, my favourite track would be this one :
  3. Being a sysadmin, that's bullshit. Not having a PTR record for MX doesn't disturb emails delivery. Just check google.com on this intodns.com website and you'll see there's the same "error" over there. I highly doubt Google's email have troubles being delivered..
  4. winning more than 100k would probably led me to think about it more than a million, I would quit for sure before wasting it all over here
  5. Hi there, Just a small post to warn you about a guy that contacted me earlier on Telegram. He asked me if I was sbourgeois from Stake that he saw me on the Sports chat, and then went for his speech : " (Stake) Regarding Sports betting. I'm Plat 3 Member from Stake - Have to speak to you about sports betting. I have Guaranteed Fixed (Rigged) winning matches info available that I'll share with you for commission after wins (no advance nothing needed). Do let me know if interested. You pay commission (% of profits ) only After you Win" I went on, curious about how he was processing. Basically, he ask you to make a bet a minimum of 100$ (in my case, if was the winner of a game in a tennis match), and it's just pure luck. If it works, he asks you for a part of the profit, if it fails, he will find some bullshit excuse and ask you to do another bet to recover your loss and win extra money. And it will go on and on and on. For the Stake staff, I have screenshots with the account name, but wondering if the guy didn't pick them up on some channels and claim them as its own. I can share them however with you if you want to check.
  6. Farming it for two days, had a x100 max so far.. But I'm still convinced it will really pay some day..
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