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  1. what is safemoon actually
  2. My dreams comes true when i was approved to work as an ofw but my dreams of winning big haven't come yet
  3. lovely pets i am a dog lover since i am a kid
  4. Arcelo

    New member

    Welcome to the group of gambling people 😁
  5. well i don't have any favorite break fast...aa long as i have coffee ang bread im fine with it
  6. Happy birthday 🎂 ura
  7. hahaha i was just thinking and asking my self why i am not receiving any rain from the chat
  8. Walking in the sea side and breath the fresh air
  9. I only try to play in tiki pop but didn't buy bonus o far it's ok for me
  10. Stake has gone for only a few hours but I missed stake now, how much more for a day...sooo boring.
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