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  1. Hey mate, Support will be in contact with you soon and resolve this for you. Sorry for the delay! Locking this thread as this issue has now been resolved.
  2. Hey Pierre, I've looked into this for you and we will be able to resolve it. Ill update you when we have. Sorry about all of this!
  3. I like it. Lets see how this goes. :D. I enjoy seeing posts like this!
  4. Im not trying to fud or bad-mouth him, hes actually created a thoroughly well written post. Whilst hes supplied how to find the API Key, if a user doesnt know how to find their API key prior to reading his explanation, then they shouldn't be using their API key for anything as they are unaware of the implications for their API key potentially being leaked. I say this simply to protect our users. Again, not trying to insinuate / suggest anything against the scripts creator.
  5. Hey mate, This means your current session has expired due to various reasons. 1 could be that you've changed your password. All you need to is log out and log back in again.
  6. Tristan

    Ltc / btc

    A majority of individuals who wager high amounts of BTC are those who have held since the earlier days id assume and therefore will have funds in their account and can continue to bet and wait until their new depo comes through. I personally prefer LTC as its quick and the fee's are lower.
  7. 2FA is optional however highly recommended. The issue is scripts/bots require API key's a majority of the time, especially third-party ones. This will compromise account security in various ways. I wont go into detail, but if someone leaks their API key, they need to disable their session immediately to ensure no one can use the API linked to that session.
  8. Whilst i don't believe there are any solid rules regarding this, we do not support scripts / bots and will not be held liable if you lose funds during usage of one. These will compromise your accounts security.
  9. Following up on what Rade has said. Users were falling for scams with the API key. We have since removed it from visibility to prevent this. The API key is only relevant for users who use scripts / dice-bot, hilo-bot, etc. We do not support usage of these and inputting your API key anywhere externally will compromise your account. If you were tech-savvy enough to know what you were doing, then you'll be able to find your API key easily. If you cant figure out how to find your API key now, then you shouldn't be using your API key. Simple as that. Locking this thread.
  10. Some of the greatest runs players have made were from Plinko and Keno. However, i prefer mines and i find them rather fun. I do enjoy some live games, but they are a little slower paced for me.
  11. It depends on the game. Im rather a fan of Fire in the hole xbombs bonus buys. Sometimes they can be absolutely awesome, other times you might break even, if that. But they are super fun to watch.
  12. Im all about the Sweet Bonanza But i am looking for a fun new slot to play.
  13. Tristan

    Bep20 ethereum token

    Hey mate, We only support ERC20 addresses on the Ethereum blockchain.
  14. Hey, Please login via the oAuth option below the username / password field. You've registered with oAuth so you must login with oAuth.
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