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  1. We have looked into this and resolved it for Wowtuna and also amended any other users who were affected by this small technical blip at that current time. For future reference, if anyone believes they have funds missing from an Evolution Bet, please follow the article below: https://intercom.help/stake-casino/en/articles/5222731-reporting-issues-with-third-party-providers and then open a conversation with our lovely support team.
  2. Hey Wowtuna, Please send me an email to techsupport@stake.com and ill look into this for you and have a resolution ASAP
  3. Hey mate, As Stab73 has said, these matters are quickly dealt with by our amazing live support team. Simply click the headset icon in the bottom right of your screen with your account logged in and initiate a conversation
  4. Hey mate, All you need to do to resolve this is clear your cookies&cache and refresh. The screen that pops up with that is completely harmless.
  5. Im not sure what you're trying to refer to here, but the reason your bet amount and winning amount is different is because you are viewing them in USD Fiat (With our Fiat Conversion View).
  6. Hey mate, All information regarding this can be found here: https://intercom.help/stake-casino/en/articles/5222681-no-access-to-email
  7. This coin is literally a scam. Please avoid it. Dont fall for silly crap guys. All "content" creators are paid to shill this stuff.
  8. To clarify, There was absolutely no changes in dice's or mines code or the way an outcome is derived before, during or since the update.
  9. Hey mate, I've informed them that you've emailed them. Hopefully they can reply shortly for you.
  10. Hey mate, Does the issue still persist when using Google Chrome with an up to date browser version?
  11. Hey Sbsara, Sorry for the issues! Can you please try disabling any Adblockers / Popup Blockers and if you are using Brave, try disabling the Brave Browser Shield as well, then click the headset button in the bottom-right of your screen.
  12. It was removed from the cards for a cleaner UI. It may be back later in the future. Refer to screenshots on how to find the Edge/RTP now. I have no issues logging in via the Duckduckgo browser. Please keep in mind that this is sorta a.. "unsupported" browser - as probably less than 0.01% of our playerbase would use it. That being said, please ensure that the browser is fully updated as well or you may experience issues. Pretty sure your browser is up to date - but just double check, sometimes outdated browser versions throw issues. But we'll look into the small text issue!
  13. beta.stake.com is depreciated now and a majority of the changes have gone live on stake.com I'd love to help resolve this one for you Ubbey. Can you please tell me your device, device OS, browser and browser version?
  14. Tristan

    Help cente

    Hey mate, Which browser and device are you using and what is your browsers version and device version? Also, does it happen in a different browser?
  15. Hey, We're having some quick downtime for maintenance. Shouldnt be much longer at all. This was posted in our Telegram group - I encourage you to join to keep yourself updated. https://t.me/StakeCasino
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