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  1. MINES: 56,832,123,788 placed by Badly on 23/09/2021 Wagered 4.77225000 Multiplier 12.041827x Profit 52.69435853
  2. I copied the first event/match and posted it in the chat then i copied two more events and also posted them in chat but when i click on the last 2 events that brings me back to the 1st one .
  3. This one is the chat one ,see how sports and Indian chat gets mixed up with each other(i was in Indian room) . If you are in casino your chat gets mixed up with English chat .
  4. BACCARAT: 56,680,752,667 placed by Badly on 21/09/2021 Wagered 0.00000150 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000150 BACCARAT: 56,680,857,592 placed by Badly on 21/09/2021 Wagered 0.00000150 Multiplier 1.95x Profit 0.00000142
  5. Okay i will if i encounter it again Got another bug look at the graph the currency is in btc by default does not match with the currency you are currently betting with.
  6. To replicate Number 1 just open any other chat room except English or Sport chat try chatting for some time then refresh and go back to the same room that you were in before ,now you will see the people of english chat and their messages in that chat room. This bug is not consistant it keep reappearing and it gets fixed by refreshing once or twice . To replicate Number 3 Place a sport bet and now check it it 'my bets' sometime you will encounter the 'cashout not availaible ' duplicated or stacked two times like one over other in the bottom of the bet slip . I also Noticed when you are in casino and you have the 'stake originals' or 'featured slots' or 'game shows' tab selected when you refresh or come back later you will find yourself on the 'lobby' page . Originally this doesnt happen in stake 1.0 no matter when you refresh or visit if you have selected stake originals or featured slots or live game or game shows the very same page opens whenever you come back to the site .
  7. Bugs that I have found till now 1. Sometimes Chat rooms gets mixed up if you in Anyother chat room you can see English chat in that room . 2.Game Volume bug - If I set the stake originals game volume to minimum or any other after refreshing or playimg slots the stake originals game volume resets to it max volume 3. Sport bet Bug- when there is no cashout availaible the paraly/bet show duplicate "cashout not availaible" That is it for will keep editing this post as i find more bugs
  8. 20000x damn man grats for the nice win
  9. DICE: 56,145,437,507 placed by Badly on 16/09/2021 Wagered 0.00552825 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005641
  10. at least make it no posts for 3 days wins
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