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  1. So I had this bet today which says loss but the games show voided . It is some bug because i googled it the kt wiz lost to bears but on bet slip it shows voided bet. @Edward
  2. October 10-2021 - Saturday Milwaukee Brewers (-1.5)
  3. Oct - 8 Friday San Francisco Giants - LA Dodgers First Inning Draw
  4. Oct-8 Friday Housten Astros ML
  5. HILO: 58,065,036,167 placed by Badly on 06/10/2021 Wagered 0.00001935 Multiplier 6.207316x Profit 0.00010076
  6. Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) New York Jets (8.5) 1st quarter handicap & 1st quarter total Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.0) & Under 9.5 Below bets all in winners market Titans Carolina Panthers Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers New England Patriots
  7. Monday Oct 4-2021 All Bets Winners Market Lad Dodgers NY Yankees
  8. Sunday- Oct 3 2021 All Winners Market Boston Red Sox Housten Astros Colorado Rockies Atlanta Braves All matches done 3 W - 1 void
  9. Satuday Oct 2- 2021 All bets in Winners Market San Francisco Giants LA Dodgers Cardinals Seattle Marines
  10. Badly

    Pc or console?

    heheeheh I like Pc tho
  11. Badly

    Pc or console?

    Promotion? Support now?
  12. Friday - Oct 1 - 2021 Boston Red Sox (in Winners Market) Texas Rangers ( inn 1-5 Handicap +1.5) Chicago White Sox (In winners Market) Seattle Marines ( In winners market ) Miwaukee Brewers ( Inn 1-5 Handicap +1.5)
  13. Hi guys I will try to predict daily mlb winners . This will include handicap bets and asian totals. Disclaimer- The predictions are entirely based on my sport research and opinions so bet at your own risk neither I or stake will be responsible for loss of funds. Thurusday - 30-Sept 2021 Texas Rangers (In winners Market) Boston Red Sox( In winners Market ) Pittsburgh Pirates - Chicago Cubs ( pick 1st inning Draw) Atlanta Braves ( In winners market) Los Angles Dodgers - San Diego Padres ( 1st Inning Draw)
  14. MINES: 56,832,123,788 placed by Badly on 23/09/2021 Wagered 4.77225000 Multiplier 12.041827x Profit 52.69435853
  15. I copied the first event/match and posted it in the chat then i copied two more events and also posted them in chat but when i click on the last 2 events that brings me back to the 1st one .
  16. This one is the chat one ,see how sports and Indian chat gets mixed up with each other(i was in Indian room) . If you are in casino your chat gets mixed up with English chat .
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