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  1. I installed Sophos home and it resolved the issue for me. It's a tough lesson but I'm glad it wasnt a bigger deposit or withdrawl from a big win Best of luck!
  2. Since creating my Stake account my BTC wallet has changed at least once... but i don't think thats what is happening here. If you pressed the copy button and a different address is pasted you certainly have malware on your machine. It searches for any bitcoin address that you copy and replaces it with its own. Always, ALWAYS triple check your addresses before sending. I had this exact problem before, I searched the bitcoin address and at the time it had stolen roughly 70 coins worth. I highly suggest you get a good anti virus or use another platform to send coins.
  3. Hover over the game and click in the "i" that appears, you'll see the house edge, minus that from 100 and you get your RTP. I've played on a few casinos and Play'N'Go always rips my balance except on the rare occasion. Really depends on the seed you get when you start playing.
  4. Sent off an Email, Thanks Tristan. To anyone else having this issue I've found a work around. In the address bar you can edit the Device to "mobile" from "desktop" and loads properly.
  5. Hello, Ever since the site Maintenance that happened the other day some slot providers no longer work properly on mobile for me. Two that I have noticed so far are No Limit City and ThunderKick games. The slots used to go full screen into a special UI designed for mobile, but now its like its forcing a "Request Desktop site" and I get the exact same experience as the desktop just much smaller on my mobile screen. I'm on android running chrome, all up to date. Anyone else running into this? Other providers seem fine... Cheers.
  6. SLOTS: 42,692,728,988 placed by Lifefindsaway on 28/04/2021 Wagered 0.00000934 Multiplier 108x Profit 0.00099938
  7. When I first joined Stake the personal best for each game you played could be displayed under the "Lucky wins" or "Biggest Wins". It looks like this feature was taken away or no longer works? Anyone else not seeing it anymore? It would appear under the top 3, It would show the rank of that win compared to other stake users and the amount bet and X won. I think it would be awesome to have that back :) Cheers, LifeFindsAWay
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