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  1. yeah. there is no way he gets to keep all that though... I was actually thinking of making another account with "streamer" in my name to trick them into letting me win rosh is a walking advertisement, just a walking stake billboard
  2. don't listen to anything dupeddonk says. he works for stake and is in full damage control 100% of the time when anyone dares to question stakes fake provably fair system. run away while you still have some money.
  3. dupeddonk in full damage control for stake every single day. of course he works for stake. why else would he do that? he must spend literally hours on here everyday. think about why someone might do that. poopdonk you aren't fooling anyone anymore, and I will be sure to point it out everywhere you go so you don't feed people false hope on stakes 100% fake provably fair.
  4. look at you guys in damage control lmfao. got dupeddonk in here, he works for stake, even got some mods.... you have them triggered
  5. about time someone else seeing through dupeddonks bullshit. thought I was the only one. little fucker gets paid by stake same with you ghostnipple you flip flopper. obviously stake gave you a bag to keep your mouth shut too. you used to shit on provably fair constantly then boom, instant turn around and now defending prov fair on every thread. you guys are all a bunch of losers.
  6. none of them, and you are dumb if you play here.
  7. didnt you accomplish that a few years ago? i thought you said in one of your threads that this isnt possible anymore because different people were pulling the strings these days. didn't you have your own thread basically showing a long list of your bets, showing how you were consistently hitting lower than average greens, and trying to make a point that it was unfair, now you say it is fair? I'm confused
  8. have you played provably fair before? if you have, and still think it is fair, you are a casino's wettest dream.
  9. yet it still remains that big multis like that only happen with dust... isn't that interesting? lmao. anyone hit a 10000x multi on $5? anyone? anyone?
  10. the target is 2.00x. you want to do the bet? I bet you don't. Also in your explanations above, I see alot of "I think", and "I believe", so I guess you must not be 100% sure how it works either.
  11. that only happens when you are betting dust. another very easy way to see how rigged it is.
  12. I would be willing to bet anyone $1000, that if I livestreamed 20 limbo sessions in a row, that not 1 SINGLE session would I have a 60% win ratio, and over half of them would have a losing ratio of 60%. if provably fair wasn't rigged, and you take my bet, it should be a guaranteed winner for you. if not willing to accept the bet, that means you do in fact, think it is rigged.
  13. yes you can ask that. gambling addiction. I deposit on here planning to only play sports, but I cave in. I do well in sports but unfortunately they don't have an option to exclude yourself from provably fair while enjoying the rest of the site
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