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  1. you know how crash constantly lags, doesn't allow you to cash out, or doesn't let you in on a round? just so you all know, that is not an accident. you know how to find out? just place some bets of $0 when it is lagging and watch how smooth it runs and let's you cash out right away. it will stop lagging when it can't get money out of you. TRY IT BEFORE THIS GETS DELETED AGAIN!!!
  2. might have more to do with my account rather than the strat. Hard to say because stake doesn't let me do ANY strat for more than 20 minutes
  3. according to this, it seems 95% of you don't know you actually need to wager 3k to get rain, so who cares if ppl wager 1k and chat? lol
  4. what I'm saying is, it is set up to give you far more reds than greens despite the fact it is supposed to be random. when I say I bet you've never hit 20 greens in a row, you are confusing that with I GAURANTEE you have not had 20 greens in a row. it's like someone saying, I bet you've never gone bungee jumping before, because the odds are, you haven't, understand? the way I see it, there is 99% chance you have never hit 20 greens in a row and a 75% chance that you have hit 20 reds in a row if you have played for a significant amount of time, which to me, is proof it's manipulated. I have lost over 50 bets in a row trying to hit 3.30x multi in limbo, in 15 minutes. that would be the same odds as hitting a 1.41x multi 50 bets in a row. Dave, there is absolutely no chance in hell anyone would hit a 1.41x multi 50 times in a row, right? it is hard enough hitting 1.01x 50 times in a row. there is no way anyone can argue that.
  5. yes I have extreme confidence. look how mad you are. you work for stake or something? chill man. or even better, go out there and get a streak of 20 greens and show me up. I'll tell you what Dave, you get 20 greens on 50/50 dice or limbo before weekly goes out, I'll give you my weekly, but you need to be betting at least 100 satoshis. that is for you only, and if I can show you 20 reds, you can give me your weekly. how does that sound?
  6. I'm not betting monetary value. saying I bet you can't is a figure of speech sometimes. This isn't something I think, it is what I have proven to myself over probably 1 million bets. show me otherwise. if you have been playing prov fair for any significant amount of time and can't see it's fixed then yes you are absolutely a mindless zombie. if I put money on this it would basically be a roll hunt and I can't fund that
  7. well the whole point of this thread is to see if someone can prove they hit 20 green in a row so the fact that I asked for a screenshot shouldn't be surprising. I'm also simply asking for clarity on what you would consider evidence. LMAO
  8. you got a screenshot? tell me, what would you consider evidence? if I reverse engineered the whole prov fair system lmao. a million bets should be enough evidence, but like I said, some people are dumb.
  9. if you think prov fair is legit, you are either new to it, or you are very dumb. ask yourself this, how many times have you hit 20 reds in a row on a 50/50 chance? I bet many many times. how many times have you hit 20 greens in a row on a 50/50 chance? I bet ZERO
  10. what you said happened to me EXACTLY the same way
  11. adding a win/loss streak is not adding a 'huge' amount of information and shouldn't confuse even the stupidest of people. there is literally no information on the graph besides your total wins and losses. Do you think other casinos added the win/loss streak because they had nothing better to do? have you ever discussed limbo or dice strategy with anyone? if you have, I guarantee you the topic of losing streaks came up at some point. why? because people want that information. get it? also if stake was unable to modify results, there would definitely be some strats running for a month straight. why do you think that doesn't happen? for example, martingale can be done in a real casino on roulette by betting black or red and doubling your bet. we can all agree that the casino probably has no control over where the ball lands, meaning they cannot modify the result. so do they just let you keep using martingale to get your money back? no they don't because they have a table limit of how much you can bet. here, there is no limit to how much you can bet, but somehow, everyone still loses no matter how huge the balance. so if we are all gonna lose just by chance eventually anyways, why do casinos have limits but provably fair games do not? if the outcome isn't modified as they claim, they would have a bet limit just like a real casino. I understand casinos are operating to make money and that's fine, but to try and make everyone believe it is totally random is both dishonest, and a bit funny. if you could use martingale limitlessly on roulette and started with a $0.01 bet, you would never see a long enough losing streak to go broke. probably never in your entire lifetime and that is betting a full penny. remember, here you can bet a tiny fraction of a penny which should make it nearly impossible to lose Does anyone agree with the mod? do you guys think adding a win/loss streak would clutter up the userface as he claims, or would it be beneficial to the customers? mod, I don't think anyone will agree with you.
  12. fair enough, I still don't trust it compared to elsewhere, and they should definitely tell you your streaks. everyone wants to know their longest streak and almost all casinos have it with the graph
  13. instructions for what? support told me straight up they don't list your streaks. unless you know something they don't...
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