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  1. didnt you accomplish that a few years ago? i thought you said in one of your threads that this isnt possible anymore because different people were pulling the strings these days. didn't you have your own thread basically showing a long list of your bets, showing how you were consistently hitting lower than average greens, and trying to make a point that it was unfair, now you say it is fair? I'm confused
  2. have you played provably fair before? if you have, and still think it is fair, you are a casino's wettest dream.
  3. yet it still remains that big multis like that only happen with dust... isn't that interesting? lmao. anyone hit a 10000x multi on $5? anyone? anyone?
  4. the target is 2.00x. you want to do the bet? I bet you don't. Also in your explanations above, I see alot of "I think", and "I believe", so I guess you must not be 100% sure how it works either.
  5. that only happens when you are betting dust. another very easy way to see how rigged it is.
  6. I would be willing to bet anyone $1000, that if I livestreamed 20 limbo sessions in a row, that not 1 SINGLE session would I have a 60% win ratio, and over half of them would have a losing ratio of 60%. if provably fair wasn't rigged, and you take my bet, it should be a guaranteed winner for you. if not willing to accept the bet, that means you do in fact, think it is rigged.
  7. yes you can ask that. gambling addiction. I deposit on here planning to only play sports, but I cave in. I do well in sports but unfortunately they don't have an option to exclude yourself from provably fair while enjoying the rest of the site
  8. are you all delusional? like I said if it was legit, I would hit 63 wins/33 losses or have that kind of result just as often or close to as often as 63 losses/33 wins and I am telling you I have had hundreds of limbo sessions, and not 1 SINGLE TIME have I had winning results like that. I'm not really sure how anyone can find an argument in that
  9. I'm being very realistic. 37 deposits without a withdrawal. that is unrealistic. Ok this is a question that I already asked and did not receive an answer to: Why in the fuck have I never had as many wins to losses on a limbo session as I have losses to wins? since I've had results like 33 wins/63 losses, SURELY I should get a result such as 63 wins/ 33 losses right? I mean if it was legit, it would have to happen eventually right? some might even say it should happen ALMOST AS OFTEN correct???? right dupeddonk???? RIGHT???, EXACTLY. YET IT HASN'T HAPPENED 1 TIME YOU GENIUS, IN HUNDREDS OF SESSIONS.
  10. dupeddonk, after placing a million bets, I hardly call that drawing conclusions. not only that, it seems 80% of people here agree that this is happening. I am completely convinced you work for stake, you comment on literally every single thread regarding provably fair and will come back day after day after day to continue posting on said thread until you feel you have everyone convinced. If you believe it is legit, and you have been here awhile, you are one of the dumbest people on earth despite your programming knowledge because that would prove you dont have common sense. I might not know alot about programming, but I learned enough about odds/probability/averages in the third grade to figure out this is complete bullshit. you must have missed school to work on computers the days that they were teaching you that. on a side note, I know that the 0.99x result gets rounded up, I've heard you mention that about 2 billion times in around 2 billion threads. My point in showing that was just to show how fucking hard stake was trying to prevent me from hitting 2.00x. what are the chances on my biggest bet it gives me 0.99x? that was my point
  11. did you know there are a shitload of complaints about skipped nounces? like not 1 or 2 skipped nounces, I'm talking hundreds. Did you know that 99.9% of people don't know how to do the mathematical equations (myself included) required to decypher the results, but rather blindly just accept what stake tells them? did you know that all the pictures I posted are actually BETTER than what really happened during those sessions because stake is fudging the live stats chart? here's my biggest and final bet during last session ($250), it didn't even register as a 1.00x. that's how bad they wanted me to lose.
  12. here's my latest. it's literally every fucking time. how can it be every time? how? how? seriously someone tell me HOW??????? fucking fake provably fair. spread the word people
  13. you would be correct. it's a scam. many people on here will try to convince you otherwise but do not listen to them. it will happen over and over. trust your gut and your OWN brain.
  14. here's a couple of my latest limbo sessions targeting 2.00x, along with my last 20 bets I made today. funny, I've never had winning sessions with that many wins to losses. but not rigged at all, right? yup. totally normal. just a little bit unlucky I guess, or my favorite, that's normal because rtp is based on 10 million bets. right mods? right stake fanboys?
  15. ummm.... ok? anyways, yeah those are some disgusting losing streaks, should never happen like that, very clearly scamming you
  16. actually, if you use a calculator, you could see that the odds of getting 7 losses in a row with a 29.29% chance of losing is 1.8 in 10,000. so it is in fact, very unlikely. so if you did 5000 bets, it should be in your favour to not hit a streak of 7. you showed the odds of WINNING 7 in a row, not LOSING. misinformation like this is what prevents people from seeing the truth about stake and their provably fair and how it is rigged.
  17. not random at all. try aiming for 2.00x on $5 for 50 bets, now, do the same thing, aim for 2.00x but now bet $0.50. notice anything? I bet you will. if you have not tried this out, don't even dare to tell people it's random because this proves otherwise. Don't listen to the employees here posting how 'random' it is, or how that it is just 'how gambling works'
  18. would someone like to explain why every single time I bet more than my average bet on any stake originals, I get the most insanely long red streaks over and over again? It is such complete crap. and there is actually people on here that are so dumb, they can't see this garbage is rigged, I'm looking at you dupeddonk and all mods. I'm interested to know exactly how many people believe in the prov fair system, if it is the majority of members, I might just start up my own scam.
  19. it is intended, staff will tell you your internet is too slow. try some bets of $0 and the game works great.
  20. the support will tell you it's your internet and your fault. That is why I don't like this dishonest pathetic place. They lie flat out about.everything
  21. https://forum.stake.com/topic/44395-wanna-see-how-rigged-crash-is/?do=findComment&comment=917661 yep. made a thread on it. check it out and I'm sure you will agree with me
  22. lmao. this place is scum. as if Maltese falcon is playing with his own money. Even a multi millionaire would go broke wagering the way he/she does. stake is just pah-thetic
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