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  1. Well, endless tickets makes sense but a cap on winnings I suppose... Anyway ive lot interest in the whole affair.. And in Stake giveaways in general. lol. Next will be this forum.
  2. I hear what youre saying. The thing is, the amount of money put at risk by highrollers is accounted for through Stake's bonus structure. its not like high rollers wont already receive their due bonuses if limited to only 1 raffle win. But If Stake does need to supplement high roller bonuses, shouldnt that be done without dipping into the raffle? Anyway, Im not surprised at the reaction.. Comes off a bit disingenuous to advertise "40 winners/400k" imo
  3. You failed to consider that I was referencing your Forum account, specifically. This shouldnt be hard to infer given that 1) we're on a forum and 2) we're trying to spark up a solid discussion on that same forum. In this case, there's little reason to suggest that the quality of our discussion is somehow commensurate with our wagering stats-- there's no correlation between the two factors, necessarily. Lol assuming you've gambled more than me (I dont care to check), it kinda seems you're trying to prove otherwise. (Searching, screenshotting, and posting my profile to support a weak argument speaks for itself.) Swing and a miss
  4. Right on. Best of luck 👍
  5. To be honest, it'd be nice to hear a thorough response from Stake as opposed to surface-level input from a newly-created account.
  6. Nobody is going to debate that some earn more tickets than others. Everyone's aware of the ticket factor and you're simply restating the issue. In light of this, OP is echoing the sentiment of the other 99.9% who took part-- they're either laughing at Stake or theyre pissed (or both). Its just a poorly implemented plan-- piss off your customer base while you celebrate promo success with Watford. Customer retention will probably dip .. Unfortunately, this isnt obvious to Stake-- they're not customer-focused-- because they're expanding rapidly in the short term. I suspect itll change. There's no shortage of competitors and players want the best value for their (lost) money.. Bottom line is that we should consider finding another provider. Stakes should step it up rather than pissing off the masses.
  7. Thinks its a sick giveaway; manages to piss off 30,000+ people. Im definitely having a laugh 😄. Good idea.. Very poor execution.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I thought you might have followed up specifically with Takadhun's suggestion. Then again, Stake's "we cant do anything" does appear somewhat definitive.. Seems like the easiest option on their end (and somewhat typical). Anyway, sorry to hear.
  9. I think it'll be best to avoid the hype surrounding these raffles. hardly any sense betting specifically to accumulate tickets when most ppl are dwarfed by ultra high rollers. Honesty is measured on a progressive scale, eh? So, at some point, Stake was (or is) less than fully honest? I see
  10. In this case, I can actually say congrats and mean it 😄
  11. It'd be good to know how support handles your case-- if they'll be validated for next weeks raffle. Feel free to update us.
  12. I know eh? I think a majority of these super-positive, "congrats winners" ppl are actually paid staff members. (They employ this tactic on games like Crazy Time.) Nobody is happy that his buddies continue to win these prizes. Starting to seriously consider heading back to my other gaming site(s).
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