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  1. No I would not quit gambling. The reason is because I gamble for fun. This is a past time for me you know.
  2. It's a great cryptocurency with low fees. I stopped betting with bitcoin for a reason.
  3. casino:43302911652 casino:43302912880 casino:43302913827 casino:43302914855 casino:43302915905 casino:43302916926 casino:43303118516
  4. I bring you a cake instead of a steak
  5. Please don't say that
  6. Rag ‘N’ Bone Man Be the man
  7. Just go buy on binance , coinbase , localbitcoin etc.
  8. Some time it happend for me, try deleting cache or force refresh ctrl+f5.
  9. oh alright, thanks man
  10. I saw on twitter stake gave justice refund because of the attack in Minesota. So they refunded all players who bet on Minnesota Timberwolves.
  11. Hello guys, I would like to know based on your experience, how much you can possibly get with the pre montly bonus ? I know it all depend on how much you waggered during the month but yeah. I wagerred around 1 million.
  12. I like the idea, will maybe give it a try but what you do if you get a losing streaks ?
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