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  1. Alguns sim, outros não. Acho que essas coisas não devem ser ditas a todos, pois cada um tem seu ponto de vista.
  2. Obrigado pela informação, já que sou novo e ainda não entendo muitas coisas.
  3. As I understand it, you must participate in 10 different publications, but thank you very much. Most people have that concern too.
  4. I have seen several animes, but one called Dororo caught my attention.
  5. I like to see: law and order Uve.
  6. One of the movies that I laughed a lot with was: pitch perfect
  7. For my: Jackie Chan, Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler and all your friends hahaha
  8. Leumas

    Favorite song?

    a song that I like a lot Is called Sekai ga owaru made wa by Slam Dunk.
  9. @GrafteuR has been banned for taking mine months to arrieve. Greetings
  10. Leumas

    I'm new here!

    Hello, greetings to all. I'm new here, my name is leumas. I hope we get along well and successful...!
  11. I really like te fried arepas with cheese, they are tasty. And the soda from grape. Also hot dogs.
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