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  1. Mukey

    Please help :(

    Hey Tristan you around to help regarding my recent thread about being banned? I'm so sad I love you're site and I've been banned as I'm a British citizen living in Ireland and asked support about if I could verify my account and boom instant ban. Any help much appreciated
  2. Exactly mate, hope someone on here might be able to help, wish I never asked now. Can any admins help please? Bloody gutted I don't even live in the UK but I'm British surely I can still play...
  3. Exactly bro. But she isn't having none of it. It's got me so upset I don't want to lower myself to roobet lol. I love this site.
  4. I live in Ireland but have a british passport and wanted to verify, they banned me.
  5. Bro you aren't making sense are you high lol?
  6. sorry what do you mean mate? So upset by this I live in Ireland which is allowed but I was born in the UK and have a british passport so just asked if I could still verify and boom banned no questions asked.
  7. I don't know man but I don't even live in the UK it's just I was born in the UK I specifically put 'hello can you verify you're account if you're from the UK?' and she banned me straight away. I live in Ireland with my partner but have a British passport. Ireland is allowed.
  8. I am so upset right now I use this casino for everything and tell everyone it's the best.
  9. So I love this casino it's the only casino I deposit to and I'm almost at gold, I got the telegram VIP message regarding verifying account but I was born in the UK and live in Ireland with my girlfriend and have done for several years... I messaged support saying as I'm from the UK can I still verify my account as I know UK is restricted.... now she replied saying she has banned me :( I'm so upset I have spent a lot of time and money on the VIP program and now it's all gone to waste I am so sad.
  10. Hey tristan are you able to help me as I don’t know what’s happened with my account I can’t view balance/transactions VIP or anything and getting the error “Error Preflight response is not successful” Please help man support aren’t replying
  11. Mukey

    Please help :(

    I had an email yesterday from stake saying your on your way to bronze VIP keep it up! But I’m already on my way to silver, i’ve just logged in and cannot see my balance, VIP is gone and cannot see transactions/statistics they are all 0. And support aren’t even reading my messages starting to get scared... Getting this error message every 2 seconds ”Error Preflight response is not successful”
  12. Hello there fellow Stakers, I’m wanting to run Dice for several hours on auto but the most I am getting at the moment is 1 hour and it will stop. Some times it’s like 10 minutes. Does anyone happen to know how you get this to play for longer periods without stopping? Thank guys!
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