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  1. I've dropped probably 10k balls and never hit it
  2. Colcolinc


    I like six packs plus one more randomly
  3. It would be too difficult to stop the cheaters, not to mention hustlers.
  4. Not rigged other than then house always house advantage anyway.
  5. Paid out, I thought it was higher than I expected based on the low multipliers needed.
  6. So many good ones, east coast west coast is fun.
  7. Plinko is so tough, if you don't watch out you will lose a lit very quickly.
  8. Hope your luck continues, don't lose all your profits chasing it though.
  9. Colcolinc

    I'm new here!

    New here as well, my first post actually. Hoping to find some helpful information in the forums.
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