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  1. JJJTTT Green One time can I please get selected. Starting to feel like there's a discrimination if Eddie's your host πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  2. JJJTTT one time ftw please! Eddie never picks so we miss out! magenta
  3. JJJTTT white i need a win here. never been picked once. plat 3 eddie is my Vip host. thanks!
  4. Happy Birthday Eddie, Hope you have a great one and let us win a stack to produce you with a lifetime of good karma. Now shut up Mr funny man and give me bonus code!!! lol
  5. JJJTTT Verified accounts will get an extra reward Level two - 100% extra on basic reward 10,000x Casino:49948323980
  6. JJJTTT Never won ever! Plat 3 Eddie host please pick me! 😍 Lol πŸ˜‚ red
  7. JJJTTT razzmatazz never won one yet Eddies my VIP host
  8. i thought this was the case also, so does it go up or down based on your higher tiers? based on my figures I received .05 so half of 1% and I am on plat 3 with 1.6mil wagered. Thanks
  9. Would be great if you shared the figures lol I got $700 for 1.6 million wager no profit .
  10. JJJTTT Teal going for a first time win!!! lol
  11. Definitely try and add this into your day to today play, easy to use, very worthwhile if you do do it and sometimes you will forget you leaving the cash in there and then you have a nice surprise!
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