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  1. Game week 38: Arsenal 2-1 Brighton Aston Villa 1-1 Chelsea Fulham 1-0 Newcastle Leeds 3-1 WBA Leicester 2-1 Tottenham Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace Man City 2-0 Everton Sheffield Utd 0-0 Burnley West Ham 2-1 Southampton Wolves 1-0 Man Utd Tiebreaker: 17' Username: rawporter
  2. Game week 37: Man Utd 3-1 Fulham Southampton 2-1 Leeds Brighton 1-3 Man City Chelsea 2-1 Leicester Everton 1-0 Wolves Newcastle 2-0 Sheffield Utd Tottenham 2-1 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal Burnley 1-2 Liverpool WBA 1-1 West Ham Tiebreaker: The time for the first goal in the WBA-West Ham match -> 40' Stake UN: rawporter
  3. @vaezga1234Yeah it depends actually. Adoption is the main thing. After the recent fall, again the market is rising, with LTC, BCH, ETH and many others rising about 25%+ and still rising. If you are planning to invest, then I would recommend you to make 6-12 month holding plan and research the crypto you like. At this time, I think Ethereum is great for a long term investment. It is 3500$ now. In about 2-3 month, it will surely go 5000$+ due to the potential technology wise with defi and dapps adoption growing massively. Exciting times for long time HODLers too.
  4. Well accepted crypto with low fees. It is that one crypto that can be used for any purpose. Accepted by exchanges, wallet deposits, even the major web hosting service provider - hostinger.com is accepting payment with BTC and LTC. Adoption has been only growing. I cannot say that it is my favorite but it is very well accepted everywhere. LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP are the ones that I like as P2P transfer crypto with low fees.
  5. Game week 35: Leicester 2-0 Newcastle Leeds 1-1 Tottenham Sheffield Utd 1- 2 Crystal Palace Man City 2-1 Chelsea Liverpool 3-1 Southampton Wolves 1-1 Brighton Aston Villa 1-1 Man Utd West Ham 3-1 Everton Arsenal 2-0 WBA Fulham 0-0 Burnley Tiebreaker: West Ham-Everton - First goal time - 25' username - rawporter
  6. Mine was with a platform called roadbet. Used to work great back in time with Perfect money wallet. One of the reason that i am here is that there are markets available in Stake.com similar to the roadbet. Not necessary, I was very less interested in the casino side of things from the beginning. Rather sports betting in that platform was very fun. My beginner luck was so strong while starting out, that I was grossing around 200-300$ per week for about 2 months with very small starting fund of 10-20$. After that had some similar beginner's luck in betvictor and bet365 bonus. After that the luck has been downhill. As of now, I am enjoying sport betting with soccer most of the times here at stake.com with crypto. Gamble only what you can afford to lose! Good luck to you for healthy gambling and wins ! Cheers !
  7. Arsenal 2-1 Everton Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle West Ham 1-1 Chelsea Sheffield Utd 1-1 Brighton Wolves 2-0 Burnley Leeds 1-0 Man Utd Aston Villa 2-1 West Brom Leicester 3-1 Crystal Palace Tiebreaker: Time for the first goal in the West Ham- Chelsea match - 40' Username : rawporter
  8. Every thing happens for a reason. I think we humans should be more respectful to the mother earth and nature. These pandemic would end one day for sure but lets hope humanity and respect would last longer to make the world a better place to live in.
  9. Username - rawporter Everton 1 - 2 Spurs Newcastle 0 - 1 West Ham Wolves 2 - 0 Sheffield Utd Arsenal 3 - 1 Fulham Man Utd 2 - 0 Burnley Leeds 1 - 1 Liverpool Chelsea 2 - 1 Brighton Spurs 2 - 1 Southampton Aston Villa 1 - 1 Man City Leicester 2 - 1 West Brom Tiebreaker : Leeds - Liverpool 25'
  10. Yeah, due to the VAR and various other reasons, the game of soccer have been very unpredictable in the final moments of the matches now. 7-10 minutes added time after 90 minutes. The least expected time to concede the goal and bam there is the goal at the last moments and ruins your day. Happened to me many times this year.
  11. My choices are football, cricket. Also, in any sports, don't just focus on simple team win markets. Look for other markets that has high payouts in your interested sports and try to observe some pattern in the data and try to be predictable. Works sometimes with big combos. Try to Put eggs on several baskets with experimentations.
  12. UEFA Champions League Chelsea vs FC Porto Paris Saint-Germain vs Bayern Munich Liverpool vs Real Madrid Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City One strategy that works most of the time for me is, taking these 4 games today and tomorrow. Make a combo or multibet of: 1. Over 2.5 goals in every match ( Multibet - Total odds around 14-20X ) 2. Under 2.5 goals in every match ( Multibet - Total odds around 14-20X ) Give it a shot guys. Good luck.
  13. small stake 0.3-5$ , 800-1000x
  14. I think it pretty much depends upon your interest. I have my strategies that works for soccer and cricket. Some of my friends are great in Basketball and American football.
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