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  1. most of the time I remember but I get frustrated when I dream something important and I don't remember it. So now whenever I dream of something important and I wake up I write it down.
  2. of course nothing like being true to our own criteria. Maybe they may be wrong but if they come from the heart they have a boomerang effect.
  3. My hobby is watching movies while I eat chocolate cakes.
  4. Well, cats are better for me. although dogs tend to be more faithful. but the cats are more tender.
  5. If I had the power to be invisible I would eat to see my food fall into the empty body and then I would bathe in a pool and see the emptiness in the water.
  6. my favorite food is pasticho. and the drink is the chocolate meringue.
  7. the car of my dreams is the toyota corolla
  8. my hobby is reading mostly science fiction and drama
  9. Hi how are things? I like to travel by bus because that's how I see the whole trip. if there are landscapes, towns and all that.
  10. Casanova7

    I'm new here!

    Hi, how are you? I am new here. I hope to know people well, cool.
  11. Hi, how are you all? Well, when I was little I liked super friends and dungeons and dragons
  12. I believe that the death penalty should not exist. I think that no one has the right to take life, just as nadir has the power to give life. However, if in a country or city there is a death penalty, we must abide by the established laws
  13. Hello how are you? I am Christian. I believe in the existence of an eternal and powerful God. that if we do not agree to his salvation, we will be eternally condemned.
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