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  1. I like dogs cat's are cute but dogs are hero
  2. GOKUUUUUUUU is stronger than vegeta
  3. Yah we wait it will be receive this time๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. fruit bonanza, juicy fruity, and book of madness
  5. the biggest lost of my entire game is 450$
  6. Limbo is the most played game in stake just grind and dont be greedy
  7. I always use XRP its fast and I can Afford
  8. jewelxxi


    hey what is TAMARA? is it a japanese word?
  9. I love Dota..and NBA..it seems that im so lucky with that
  10. I bought Ltc and im so lucky to won 13LTC in 1 day
  11. I like to travel but because of this pandemic its so scare to go around in another country
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