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  1. In my country it is illegal, although the laws where I live are often difficult to understand, there is a lot of corruption and sometimes it is not known what is legal or illegal.
  2. Really controversial, and my answer: Never
  3. Yeah, I used it for a while but I stopped doing it yo avoid dependence, I think that you should not expect the success of someone or something, but all studies on this subject are very accepted by society, and well I have no problem with that, I stopped doing it just out of mere conviction
  4. i do not use drugs, but I understand that csffeine is very addictive, un which case My drug is coffee hahhahaha
  5. RodriP

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    Also new here, thanks for the good wishes, I hope it goes very well to all of us who started in this community.
  6. I'm still on time, congratulations I hope you're having a great time on your birthday.!
  7. Hello guys, in particular i am already my age hahahaha but i still feel very young that's the truth, i practice the well-known Futsal and i will do it until my legs can no longer, good luck to all.
  8. Cheers guys, not that I'm a methodist, bit My favorite breakfast is egg and bacon on bread, of course there will never be a shortage of coffe. With that i am happy..!
  9. I love the mighty Mustang and my dreams is surely the GT range
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